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DebiDime from Kansas says:

The light switches for the main part of the camper are high on the wall near the bathroom door and can only be accessed after entering and climbing tw

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The light switches for the main part of the camper are high on the wall near the bathroom door and can only be accessed after entering and climbing two tall steps, 11" each - not good for bad knees! My husband who is 6' tall can reach the switches, I am 5'6" and cannot without climbing the stairs.) Other than that, the only light switch in the camper that is on the wall is in the bathroom, the rest of them you have to reach to the ceiling to turn on. The storage cabinets around the TV are very narrow/shallow they could be twice as deep, provide much more storage and still not infringe the movement of the slide. The tall narrow pantry by the fridge has only two shelves in it therefore there is a lot of wasted space at the top of each compartment. They should have put three shelves in, it would have been a much better use of the space. There is a lot of storage space if you lift up the board for the lower bunk, but it is not easily accessible. This would have been nice to be able to access from the outside as well. Also, the door to the bunkroom opens into the very small floorspace, rather than out into the main room against a wall that only has the thermostat on it. Poor planning! I like the layout of the main cabin with the island. It provides much-needed storage for the kitchen area. I added a short cabinet at the end of the island closest to the door so that we could have easy access to flashlights, etc. This is another area of space that was wasted that should have had a cabinet installed. I like the shelf under the microwave for putting a coffeemaker. The TV is on an arm that extends, making it easy to view from the sofa. The bathroom has a nice linen closet with good storage, and the shower has a bench. I really like the tall cabinet for hang up clothes as well as the dresser in the bedroom. Very nice! This camper has better under storage than many of the campers we looked at. Be aware that most of these models no longer have the sink in the outside kitchen just a short mini fridge and the grill. I have mixed feelings about this camper. I like the layout but the inconvenience/effort of climbing the tall steps just to turn on the interior lights, and the lack of good planning regarding storage, make it very difficult for me to give this a good review. Since we bought this new, we will use the camper for a few years but I'm already thinking about our next one.
- DebiDime, Kansas

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