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Angela Bickham from Texas says:

We have had nothing but trouble since the day we picked it up. Blow out 70 miles off showroom floor because tire pressure was not checked. They repl

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We have had nothing but trouble since the day we picked it up. Blow out 70 miles off showroom floor because tire pressure was not checked. They replaced the tire but did not fix the damage caused. This led to wires being pinched when retracting slide out which led to shortages in the auto leveling system. Trim pieces have fallen off. Draws and cabinets won't stay shut during travel. This has caused several items to break including a draw itself. The city water valve has never worked. Table won't stay secured. It has fallen during travel causing damage to table and counters. We had a broken chair when we picked it up and they still haven't fixed that, it's been almost a year. The converter went out in it. The facing of the bedroom slide out came off during travel. The laminate is pealing off the walls. Could not dump the grey tank in the kitchen due to no handle release on unit when we picked it up. The glass stove cover fell apart during travel, all the plastic nuts broke. Have not been able to use outdoor grill, can't get propane to it. Been through 2 sets of tires because the factory did not propperly alignment the unit. Outside refrigerator will not stay closed. Can't plug cable in for tv because nobody has showed us where the alledged switch is. Worse design ever for the bed, can't get around it to make it. Customer service with keystones is horrible. The manager at keystone assured us everything would be fixed but it takes 6 to 8 weeks to get the warranty approved and parts ordered. So here we set in Ocala Florida waiting for parts when we as catastrophe insurance adjusters should be in South Carolina working hurricane Florence claims. When we asked about replacing the unit the manager stated that there is no lemon law on rv's and we just have to wait for the warrenty work to be done. Keystones and camping world have an "I don't care about the customer" attitude. Once they get your money, it's all over. The unit is scheduled for work to be done tomorrow, but I have to wonder if it will actually get done. We have had appoints scheduled in the past and then when we get there they can't find the parts and we wait another 6 to 8 weeks. Wondering if they are waiting for the warranty to laps. I know one thing for sure, I will never buy another keystones unit nor will I ever buy a unit from camping world. What we thought was suppose to be too of the line product, turned out to be, bottom of the line crapola, ready for the junk yard, waste of our hard earned money, product.
- Angela Bickham, Texas

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