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MICHAEL A HEINRICH from Wisconsin says:

There is a reason Keystone doesn't have a user review web page. Here is my story: I purchased a 2018 Keystone Cougar 26-RVS in March 26, 2018 with

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There is a reason Keystone doesn't have a user review web page. Here is my story: I purchased a 2018 Keystone Cougar 26-RVS in March 26, 2018 with a 1 year bumper to bumper warranty and with several other protections plans offered by Camping World. Our trailer cost over 40K. With new products such as this, there are most often issues that would fall under a warranty. Early in 2018 we saw some items like that and our dealer got the approval from Keystone and those issues were resolved. However, there were some more issues that were discovered late in the year so I set up an appointment to bring it in for some final warranty work late December or early January. I hooked the unit up like usual and began to pull it. It was a bit stiff but I thought that it was from sitting. About 1 &1/2 miles down the road a truck driver said my RV tires were smoking. I pull over immediately and called our dealer. They said I should be covered and to call my Good Sam roadside that I paid for. It took the tech about 1.5 to 2hr to resolve the issue, because we thought the breaks locked up. Now a new warranty issue. What had happened was the emergence break-release pin unit on the RV became defective so the RV engaged the RV breaks. Because I pulled the trailer about 1.5 to 2 miles with the RV breaks engaged it burned out the break drums. Once we got the pin to work I pulled the RV to CW. A warranty issue was submitted and was turned down by Keystone citing user error. I want to add that Keystone reps were very rude. I did all I could and our dealer did try to adjust the price to help and they made several attempts to resolve with Keystone, but they took a very hard line. I did suggest to my dealer they should either stop selling Keystone products or explain to customers the possibility of total lack of cooperation with Keystone. I was told by another dealer that Keystone is not honoring some simple warranty issues as they had in the past. I believed that in my case I had no liability and I pleaded with my dealer and Keystone (customer service SUCKS!). I even called and left a message with Marcus Lemonis CEO of Camping World, but I never got a response. My adjusted bill came to close to $500. I went to pick up my trailer April 19. I talked to the service manager and he agreed with me that this was not user error and he adjusted my bill. My dealer Camping World absorbed the financial burden that should have been the liability of Keystone. I recommend not purchasing Keystone products because there could be uncovered warranty issues. You can see from the other reviews that this company doesn't give a S... Although this is a beautiful RV, I will probably never purchase an RV from this company again unless they adjust their policies!

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