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Robert Davies from Colorado says:

Problem 1: I purchased the Vista new from [dealer] in Utah. On the ride back to Denver the Vista started leaking engine coolant from under the engin

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Problem 1: I purchased the Vista new from [dealer] in Utah. On the ride back to Denver the Vista started leaking engine coolant from under the engine cover into the coach. Opening the hood revealed the engine was drenched with coolant but there was no obvious source for the leak. Fortunately, we were close to Vail, Colorado and were able to buy gallons coolant. We limped the rest of the way to Denver by restricting our speed to 50 mph maximum and periodically stopping to refill the coolant reservoir. We made it home but it was a stressful trip. The Vista had to be towed to Colorado Springs for repairs. The mechanic who did the repairs had the hoses he had replaced laid out on the floor for my inspection. The hoses were full of pinholes and there were 2 splices using hose clamps and lengths of copper tubing. The mechanic explained that the hoses had been crushed at Winnebago during installation of the body on to the chassis. Someone at Winnebago had jury rigged the splices instead of replacing the hoses. They repaired the obvious damage and missed the pinholes that remained. The pinholes had probably been leaking for quite some time. Eventually, the splices failed and coolant started leaking into the coach. Winnebago covered the cost of the towing and repairs. I had to make the 4 hour drive to Colorado Springs to reclaim my coach. Problem 2: I specifically selected a coach with a blue tooth capable radio. The window sticker on the Vista clearly states the radio is blue tooth capable. It was not. I contacted the dealer. I gave him the model number of the radio. He investigated the radio model number and confirmed I was correct, it was not blue tooth capable. [Dealer] contacted Winnebago. Their response was pathetic. There was a typo on the window sticker; the radio was misrepresented because mistakes happen. They refused to do anything to remedy the situation. The dealer in Utah, took responsibility to remedy the mistake. They instructed me to have a blue tooth radio installed and send them the bill. That is what I did and [dealer] promptly sent me a check. Problem 3: Construction of the rear seat of the dinette was incomplete. There was no structure supporting the rear of the seat panel. The first time someone sat on the seat it collapsed, dropping them into the storage compartment under the seat. Fortunately, nobody was injured. I fixed this myself rather than deal with Winnebago. Problem 4: I took the coach out for a weekend in April. It was, at that time, 12 months old. During that trip the wall of the shower stall cracked in multiple places. The cracks were several inches long rendering the shower unusable. I took the coach to [dealer] for repairs in July. They inspected the coach and told me the damage was due to a workmanship issue at Winnebago. The screws attaching the shower to the coach had been over-tightened causing the plastic to crack. I expected Winnebago to cover the cost of the repairs because it was a workmanship issue. They declined. The coach was out of the 1-year warranty period and Winnebago decided this removed their obligation to stand behind the quality of their workmanship. I was stunned, a shower wall is not a wear item and should never fail. I needed the shower fixed so I agreed to pay for the repairs. The stall was ordered. I checked weekly on the status of my coach because I had hopes of actually using the motorhome I purchased. The part didn’t come in July. [dealer] kept me informed of the status as well as they could, but they simply could not get a delivery date from the Winnebago parts department. I tried calling them for status; their system instructs owners that they must work through the dealership performing the repairs. Eventually, a shower stall arrived. [dealer] called me and told me they would clear a spot in their schedule to install the shower immediately; I could have the Vista back tomorrow. A few hours later they called me again. Winnebago has sent the wrong shower stall. A shower stall would have to be made for my unit. No estimate of delivery date was available from Winnebago. I instructed [dealer] to winterize the coach – it was obvious the season was a complete loss. In November, [dealer] called again. The shower stall had arrived, been installed, and the coach was ready. The repair had taken 4 months, I lost the entire summer season waiting for a part that never should have failed, and it cost me $1400. My recommendation to anyone considering purchasing a motorhome is simple: DO NOT BUY A WINNEBAGO! The Winnebago corporation is living on a reputation they no longer deserve.
- Robert Davies, Colorado

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