2017 Winnebago Sightseer 36Z Class A - Gas
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We have the 2017 Winnebago Sightseer 36Z. I have had nothing but problems with the passenger side slide out. I bought the unit brand new and on the day I bought it, the slide out malfunctioned. The dealer got it to slide in and we thought it was a fluke. NOPE. We have been stuck at 3 different campgrounds with the slide out not retracting. I have become an expert at tearing the wall apart to get to the motor to extract it from the mechanism so we could slide the wall in and head down the road. I've made wooden braces to slip into the top of the slide out to keep the wall from coming out while we are driving. This has been a total nightmare. I have taken it to 2 Camper Worlds more than once and to another Winnebago approved repair center where they never got to my unit after it being there for 9 weeks they still haven't touched it. The slide out on the passenger side has the same sized motors as the 2 smaller slide outs. They simply aren't big enough. You can hear them laboring far more so than in the other 2 slide outs. I have no idea what to do but to drive 11 hours to Winnebago and leave it there to be fixed. I'm at my wits end. Now the unit is leaning to the right causing the front right tire to get hot and wear more. Lase service department I took it to said that they couldn't work on this so not sure where to go for that. I guess I'm headed to Iawa since I can't find anywhere within 5 hours of me who can work on it.
- Dr. Barry Wilson, Kentucky

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