2017 Starcraft AR-ONE 15RB Travel Trailers - Hybrid
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Jeff Stivason from Oregon says:

Bought this for a decent price as a lower weight trailer to pull behind Ford Escape. February 2017. Dealer assured our car could handle it. Fully load

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Bought this for a decent price as a lower weight trailer to pull behind Ford Escape. February 2017. Dealer assured our car could handle it. Fully loaded trailer weight is 3200 lbs. Escape rating 3500 towing cap. Spent extra money outfitting car with anti-sway stabile tow bars and trailer brakes. Trailer too much for Escape. So we bought a truck. Every time we use trailer something breaks. We treat it gently. We don't go off roading with it. The tent bed canvas starting pulling away from frame after about 21 nights of use (intermittent use, not continuous). My wife and I don't equal anywhere near the weight limit. It took 3 months to fix because manufacturer didn't want to honor warranty. 3 months that we couldn't use it. I'm not sure what our dealer had to do but it eventually got fixed. List of "small" things that needed to be fixed after first use. Ceiling vent seals keep coming loose. Fridge wouldn't ignite on propane. Molding on bathroom door loose. Hinges came detached on 2 cupboards, doors fell off and contents fell out. Entertainment audio visual Jack's copper connector ends pulled off first time plugging in to TV. Wouldn't work. Holding tank/water/battery sensor didn't work, "fixed" but still doesn't sense correct amount. Velcro on seat backs came detached from wall and seats first time we moved them. Now for other complaints: 2"foam mattress for tent bed might as well not include. It's like sleeping on the ground. We added another 3" egg crate to it and put a unzipped sleep bag and then sheet over it all. Just barely tolerable for a few nights of camping. A/C works great, but it's loud. We don't use the propane heater unless we are not on electric hook up. It's too loud to allow sleep. We keep a small electric heater in trailer which works great. We folded down the table and made the dinette bed once to check function and comfort. The table isn't strong enough to support adults, it sagged right away. Now the kicker! It leaks!!! We drove through a rain storm. Front of trailer leaks. Appears to not be caulked where diamond plate is installed over trailer skin. Water from truck wheel spray gets up under it. It doesn't leak from rain when it's sitting. We realize this model is a lower end "entry" model..but wow. Very poorly made. We bring it in for repair every time we use it. How can dealers even continue to sell this brand? It's a lemon!!!
- Jeff Stivason, Oregon

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