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Likes: 1) My rig tows exceptionally well. So far I've put 10,000 miles on it and tires still are holding up (exception below). 2) Lots of storage space, huge area under the bed. 3) Bedroom has night stands built into each side which is wonderful for my CPAP. Most units we looked at didn't have this. 4) Nice drop down rear door (toy hauler) that makes into a great patio off the ground. 5) The unit is very comfortable for 2 (4 if just using it for week/weekend outings). 6) Comes with a 50in TV and two other outlets and mounting areas for the other two rooms (bedroom and garage). 6) Nice duel bed/bench seat setup in garage that completely lifts out of the way. 7) Dual Air Conditioners. 8) Generator. 9) Plenty of wall outlets (exception below). 10) So far great electrical system. Overload works great, has combination of fuses and breaker switches. Only blew on fuse so far other times the breaker switch caught the overload (Reason for overload below). 11) Hookups for washer (no 220 for dryer) we bought a large Panda (works great and good enough for us) fits well (7kg) a normal size washer won’t fit in space. 12) High ceiling (exception below) and nice décor make it seem roomy. 13) Lots of room in front storage area under unit. 14) Also has heat/air-conditioning vent in front storage area. Problems/Dislikes: As with all the other reviews a somewhat shoddy inspection system at Primetime. 1) As with other reviews a ton of sawdust in the vents and light fixtures that had to be cleaned out. 2) Small leak in under storage area coming from the shower drain. ( had fixed twice and still leaks at times, I think it's how you stand in the shower it has a soft floor which makes the drain move slightly). 3) Kitchen sink faucet (real cheap) gave out in first month on the road so I bought a nice Moen and replaced it. 4) Problem with the Cable wiring. I hook up to RV parks wiring and the picture is real fuzzy on all three TVs. I hook the cable up through the window direct into TV and it looks great. I need to take it in but how when you live in it a lot. 5) Stereo was wired wrong at factory. 3 sets of speakers (living room, garage, and outside) but only 2 worked. The factory said the wiring was ok. I had to rewire personally, upon doing so I found 3 sets of speaker wires coming out and only 2 hooked up to main speakers along with 3rd speaker wires (outside) hooked to the subwoofer (subwoofer should have been hooked up with living room speakers tied into the TV). 6) Side fiberglass wheel covers are flimsy. When going down the road you can see them flapping in the wind. They are held on by about 20 metal screws that, due to the flapping, start working their way out. One came out and lodged into the sidewall of the tire in an area that can’t be repaired ruining the tire. Lucky that the unit is equipped with a full size spare. I replace both sides with nut/bolt lock washers. Haven’t had a problem since. 7) Unit says it’s winterized for winter living but insulation is very weak. Unit gets cold very quickly at below 45 degrees, we had to buy 2-1500 watt heaters to reduce the use of propane (sometimes triggers overload switch when we forget and plug in a hair dryer or coffee pot). Also gets very hot in summer on 70 degree days unless parked in shade. 8) High ceiling (makes harder to heat and cool, also 13 ft 7in clearance while traveling) 9) Window shade tie downs break easily (easy to fix though). 10) Heavy rear door (but has to be to take weight of motorized toys in loading into garage). Wishes: 1) Rear patio deck has full screen drop down to keep bugs out of garage. I wish it were a locking door type instead. You have to take up the rear door every night and to secure your rig if you have any valuables in the garage. 2) I wish they would have put in some side wall mounted tie downs in the garage. 3) Wish they could figure out how to put a wall outlet near the slide out. 4) Wish they could do something about the heavy back door like better spring system.
- Dajavou, Colorado

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