2017 Prime Time Fury 2910 Travel Trailer
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I have owned 6 travel trailers in the last 20 years, and I have to say, I love my Primetime Fury 2910! It is my first toy-hauler and I looked at a lot of trailers before deciding on this one. For the size the floor plan is great! I love that I can use it as a toy hauler, but if I just want to travel with my wife, and we decide to camp, it offers the comfort of a travel-focused trailer. The 2 fully reclining theatre seats are as comfortable as my recliner at home! It is not set up for winter camping, and it is not set up to live in full-time. It is a short-term use trailer. I rate overall quality 5/5. This is based on the quality for the price. I have owned rigs with higher quality components, but they cost more money. This rig has a lot of great high-quality features. I love the ducted heating and air, and the huge amount of interior storage space! For a toy-hauler, it is a lot of storage. The 10-foot garage is enough space for a two-seater side by side and will fit a couple of 4 seater models. I can easily fit 4 motorcycles if I don't take the side-by-side. Its dry weight is light at just under 7,300 lbs, but it's GVWR is just under 10,000 lbs, so if you have a side by side, full fresh water tank (61 gallons), a full fuel storage tank (30 gallons) and all of your gear, if you aren't careful, you could exceed the 2,400 lb cargo carrying capacity. The quality of the convertible couches in the garage is nice. They are comfortable to sit on and convert, easily to a queen-size bed, and can be stored vertically on the wall or when it is converted to a bed it can be raised to the ceiling. I love the pull-down screen on the garage entrance and that it has a trailer and a garage man-door entrance. My only complaint is there is no designated storage for the massive 50 amp power cord or the sewer hose. Also, it only comes with 1 battery and 2 20lb propane tanks. The rack on the tongue will not fit a second battery without modification. I cut the rack off, moved it about 4 inches forward, and added a piece of angle iron to accommodate a second battery, and I upgraded the propane tanks to 2 30lb tanks. I like to dry-camp for extended periods, and I don't want to worry about propane or battery power, and I don't want to run my generator constantly. My unit did not come with a generator, but it is set-up for one. I used that space for storage and since I moved the tongue rack forward, I am able to fit my 3800-watt generator, easily on the storage rack. Specs show an overall length of 34.5 feet (414 inches), however, I keep mine in a garage with 35 feet (420 inches) of available storage length and with this trailer touching the back wall I am only 2 inches from the closed door, which makes its actual length 418 inches. It's a tight fit. Overall, after taking this rig on a few outings, I am very happy, and since it was so much more affordable than other travel trailers with similar layout and the fact that it has good overall material, construction and the fact that it also has an aluminum frame, I am very happy. I don't see myself upgrading until I need more garage space.
- Chad Probasco, Utah

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