2017 nuCamp by Pleasant Valley TAG Basic Travel Trailer
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NuCamp TAG is a very high quality teardrop camper. My TAG is 3 years old but looks and feels new--still very solid and no repair/maintenance issues. I am selling the TAG so we can purchase a larger unit--either a NuCamp TAB or a larger trailer. The very light tongue weight and total weight make this camper extremely easy for one person to hook-up, tow, park, level, and move around. It fits easily in my garage for storage. The quality of the cabinets, tv/stereo/speakers, AC, Norcold refrigerator/freezer, stove, and interior/exterior finishes is very high and durable. I camped primarily in cool to very cold weather including several nights around 15-20 F. The unit heated easily with a small ceramic heater. Insulation of windows and walls is excellent both for heating/cooling and for sound. I followed the manufacturers recommendation to leave the fan vent and/or a window slightly open at night and experienced zero condensation issues. Day shades also serve as effective bug screens. My TAG worked well for dry-camping/boondocking. Even with freezer running, battery and single propane tank were sufficient. Stargazer front window is a real plus--fantastic shows on starry-nights and, once I was ready to sleep, just pull the blackout shades down and it is totally dark inside. Kitchen is tight but adequate--a big step up from tent camping but it is still an outdoor cooking experience. The main tradeoff with a small teardrop is inability to fully stand-up inside, minimal floor space when you use the queen mattress, and no toilet. I found it easy to get dressed inside either partially laying down or on my knees, but it is more "tent-like" than "RV-like". I preferred a twin mattress to a queen so that I had more floor area for the heater, a shoe/boot tray, etc. Even when the queen mattress covers the entire floor, there is a lot of storage inside (two large 2-door cabinets, 2 cubbies, storage area below and shelf across entire headboard, and really huge storage area under both floor panels that are easily accessed without removing the mattress) and storage in kitchen area. I packed a portable toilet in my truck bed but never used it as there are plenty of options in parks, campgrounds, etc. The TAG is ideal for solo camping or for a couple that is really comfortable in a tent-sized environment or for taking one child/grandchild along. For those interested in a teardrop, I highly recommend NuCamp TAG and TAB models.
- Jonathan Oviatt, South Dakota

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