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Joanne Cenis from Washington says:

We purchased our new Passport travel trailer in May from dealer in Aloha, OR, and have been very disappointed with the workmanship. It is a 6 hr dri

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We purchased our new Passport travel trailer in May from dealer in Aloha, OR, and have been very disappointed with the workmanship. It is a 6 hr drive from our home to dealership so very difficult to get them to address our issues with their appointment/drop off policy. The Inspection Policy/Report posted in the RV is a joke. Perhaps the workman forgot his tools… ie screws/screwdrive/rench/glue gun, vacuum! We had two trips to select and then pick up the RV; each trip is 12 hours. When we discussed these issues on the phone with the Salesman who first met with us, he was very indifferent and blew us off. Shame on us for not reading other customers reviews on this RV dealership in Oregon. Here is a list of problems and issues: 1. Screws to support table were loose, 2. Under sink faucet fitting was loose so water was streaming through cabinet soaking carpet and dripping out bottom of trailer, 3. Outside handrail is loose at bottom and no way to tighten it, 4. Sawdust scattered on the floor and fell out of window ruffles, 5. Screws too short on sofa bed bracket and it broke within 3 weeks, 6. No caulking between shower wall and tub which will be invitation for mold/mildew, 7. Trim board at ceiling above Murphy bed detached, 8. Smoke alarm goes off within 10 minutes of baking, 9. Trim on Murphy bed support foot rail has 2 missing pieces, 10. Screws/bolts on tongue of trailer were loose, 11. Awning has slipped out of bar 12. Awning support brackets on one end are bent. These awning problems are not due to anything on our part as we have so rarely used the awning and been extremely careful. Service department in WA hopes to get the faucet, railing, and awning issues addressed at dealer on our second visit within 3 weeks and after waiting 3 weeks for the first appointment. RNR found this last serious issue with the awning and has ordered parts for replacement. Thankfully the service person called/spoke to us about the awning bracket situation. It was suggested that perhaps the defect ie bracket problem was from the very beginning or done at the dealerships when they attempted to move the RV or to repair the awning fabric tubing. Hopefully repairs will be completed by the end of October. We owned a Mallard trailer for 11 years but thought this Passport layout with the Murphy bed would be a step up for us. Now we are dealing with poor workmanship throughout the Passport. We do like the flooring, LED lighting, and Murphy bed design, but miss the other features we had in the Mallard like grey water tank that allowed 3 showers (always short) before having to pull it to a dump station. Now we catch all our dish water in pan and water the local vegetation and take outside showers so we can stay in our spot for 5-6 days. Not a happy camper at this time.
- Joanne Cenis, Washington

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