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Sharon Wolf from Florida says:

Our first night out on our way from S. Dakota to Florida - when we stopped thought I would take a shower, however when I went to open the shower doors

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Our first night out on our way from S. Dakota to Florida - when we stopped thought I would take a shower, however when I went to open the shower doors they fell off in my hands. So then I decided to take a bath in my new glamour tub no hot water. After my husband calmed me down he said lets watch a movies - the dvd player wouldn't work, so then he said OK lets listen to music and read, unfortunately the surround sound wouldn't work either. Now remember, this was our first night in our full timing new home. It has gone down hill from their. Our air conditioners quit working on the 4th. of July week end in Florida, 101 degrees, the local dealer would do nothing for us since "you didn't buy it from us" so we had to get a mobile RV repair man, not only was one of our cables bent, but also the ac froze and there were major issues with both thermostats. 2 weeks after that our upstairs bathroom black tanks would not drain, first we had to once again pay a mobile repair to come, we needed a new cable and a new valve for the black tank, however, the issues continues to be a problem. Every time we want to empty the black tanks for the upstairs bathroom my husband has to remove all the slide supports, tip the nose up, once it drains in about an hour he then has to back wash with a hose since there is no rinser on the tank. The outlet line is flat so we cannot get any velocity going to pull out the solids. Keystone's customer reps reply to this that is the way it was engineered so you will have to live with it. This rig lists price was $90,0000.00, we are full timing RV resort managers. The local dealers will not touch our rig for any reason since we did not buy it from them. Keystone says if we use a mobile repair man it is on us. They said to call them if the local dealer won't take care of us. Now, would you want to take your home to a dealer who is forced to take care of you. How long do you think they will sit on our home? How well do you think they will repair it. We are looking for people who would be willing to join a class action suit with us. We have about five Montana owners thus far. If you can help please e mail us at wolfsharon@sbcglobal.net. DON'T EVER BUY A KEYSTONE PRODUCT - NO CUSTOMER SUPPORT. When my husband called the manufacturer of the DVD player they immediately overnighted us a disc that repaired the issues. When we told Keystone about this they asked us to send them the disc!!!!
- Sharon Wolf, Florida

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