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I'm very disappointed in Winnebago. New ones are made cheap. Problems: wardrobe bar came down on first trip, AC had to be replaced (thank goodness that was still under warranty); leveler motor not covered (open to the elements) and had to be replaced for over $1300; metal fasteners to hold the engine door are glued incorrectly and I've been finding them on the ground; hooking up sewer is ridiculous - to bring hose up through floor cover the end coupler has to be removed, then there is a 90 degree angle in order to attach it (with barely enough room); there is no outside ladder and no spare tire (not even a place to put one); the dashboard entertainment system is supposed to play DVD's on the TV and it will but you have to go through an absolutely ridiculous process to get it to work (finally bought my own BR player); the table leg was attached with very small screws so that they fell out after a few months; there were spots that weren't painted. It's pretty sad that the service department knows me by my first name as I've been there frequently. Thank goodness I really enjoy driving this while towing my car. Oh, also, don't use the Champion picture hangers that glue to the wall, they loosen up the wall paper. There's another wonderful example of the incompetence of the people that put this together - I can't take the register top off in the hallway to vacuum because the wall was put ON TOP of the edge. Wish I could trade it in but I can't afford to. So I've purchased insurance so that when the next major problem occurs I won't have to pay $1000+ for repairs. No wonder Winnebago only gives a one year warranty.
- Sharon, New York

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