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Steve P. from California says:

We had a 2008 Winnie Outlook that was as solid as they get. We were very loyal to the brand when it was time to move up. Bought a nearly new 2016 S

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We had a 2008 Winnie Outlook that was as solid as they get. We were very loyal to the brand when it was time to move up. Bought a nearly new 2016 Sightseer 35G last year (original owner dumped it after 900 miles) and it's been nothing but problems! As I dug into the tons of issues it became clear that there are two types of Winnebagos. Those built before 2010 and those afterwards. Quality of construction/assembly has REALLY taken a hit. Ours has been in the shop 4 of the 11 months we've owned it. Winnebago customer service has been great and kept extending the warranty. But that doesn't excuse the fact that they use staples to install things they should have screwed and glued. Including a 4" x 1" x 4' long heavy hardwood board above the driver. Yup....stapled into cabinetry and of course eventually fell off. Could have been a real problem if it hit someone. Items like the ladder rack pulled right out of the wall because it wasn't screwed into backing. All kitchen drawers fell onto the floor while driving dumping all contents because they used weak mechanisms. Two of the three slide outs have failed. Most recently because they were installed with cheaply make screws that sheared off causing the slide to jamb. Whole slide rack assembly now needs to be replaced. Gone for another month. King pins were bad from the factory (Ford issue BUT Winnebago would have caught it IF THE WOULD HAVE ALIGNED THE UNIT before it shipped....according to a local chassis expert that would have been impossible with these king pins...therefore Winnie didn't even do that...sloppy). I can excuse vendors' products (like generators/refrigerators/whatever) that have issues in the beginning as the MH manufacturer can only a certain amount of testing before delivery. We've been through the new MH drill and a certain amount of that just happens. To me the quality of the assembly/install/parts are critically important. Even though those can be flawed I can't excuse dumb engineering design and cheap cheap parts. Or sheer laziness (king pins). That's what happened to Winnie. Very sad as the old ones were tanks. Trading this in on a different manufacturer's unit. No more Winnebago for me (sadly!).
- Steve P., California

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