2016 Shasta Oasis 310K Travel Trailer
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Jamie Pfeilsticker from Nebraska says:

Our family bought a 2016 Shasta Oasis brand new in spring of 2017 from a local dealer. We towed it 20 miles to our permanent camping spot where it sat

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Our family bought a 2016 Shasta Oasis brand new in spring of 2017 from a local dealer. We towed it 20 miles to our permanent camping spot where it sat and never moved. In the early summer of 2018 the slide began to leak. We were instructed by the dealer to contact Shasta in regards to the camper leaking. I did contact Shasta/ Forest River in June 2018.  At that time I spoke with Dave Troxel in charge of warranties.He explained it was just out side of the warranty. However seemed open to helping in the situation and refer us to a different local forest river dealer for repair.  The dealer was unable to look at the trailer until November. We placed tarps over the slide out and roof to prevent further damage from leaking.  Once camper was at the dealership they stated that they were told by Shasta there would be no coverage due the one year warranty being up. I did continue to seek assistant but without success. We did eventually accept this and paid for the repairs which totaled around $750 dollars. Towed it back to our camping spot again where it sat. Then in the Summer of 2019 the camper began to leak and again damaging the floor and lower portion of wall.  We contacted dealership who did the repairs. It was stated they were only taking appointments for customers who purchased their RV from them. They also stated that work completed only had a 90 day warranty and that was up. They recommended a body shop for repairs. Which we did and upon looking at the camper we received this email: I looked at your unit and a solid number estimate is difficult because I dont know how far the rott goes.  I do know the slide would need to be pulled to fix the water damage on the off doorside, but again i don't know how far under the slide the water damage is. Previous units with similar damage Was in the 5-10,000 range to repair. It's a can of worms once opened could be worse or better than expected. This body shop and the the prior dealership who preformed the first fix recommended we contact Forest river again which we did and once again offered no help. We then paid for a seal test which shows the same problem as before. During the inspection it was found that the slide leaks regardless of being pulled in or out. I forwarded the information to Dave at Forest River who responded that they would pay for materials only and not labor to help out. Labor runs about $158 an hour and the total cost of materials is only $450.00 out of a $7,500 repair bill. Please keep this in mind this camper has not been towed more than 100 miles. So this is by no means normal wear and tear.I feel that I did purchase a faulty product from Forest River and the slide-out room it's self is defective. The issue stems from one of the following: factory installation defects, incomplete work, and then no (or fraudulent) quality checks before the unit was released from the factory and manufacturing process. I have been as patient possible with Shasta considering the significant issue I have had with their defective product. I am not a "problem customer." I was sold a problem product. I am now stuck with the a camper which is faulty and pretty much worthless. My next step is providing online feedback on blogs, websites, and anywhere else I can WARN and PROTECT a potential buyer. 
- Jamie Pfeilsticker , Nebraska

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