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We have had our 43' 3912X for 2 1/2 years and put about 15K miles on it. We love the side deck with patio door access and the large garage the we haul our motorcycles with us. I put in 3 wheel chocks that I bolt to the floor.It has a rear half bath that is nice for guests and 2 queen size beds that go to the top of the garage. The back deck/load door is nice when camp in Loveland, we can backup to the river and have it hanging over the river.Things I don't like about it, there is no light switch by ether entrance door. The main bathroom sink and faucet were a joke, you couldn't get you hands under the faucet and the sink is really small, I replaced both of them. The LCI self leveling isn't heavy enough to lift the front of the trailer without shutting off and having to reset itself. One of the mid jacks died in the first year as did the transfer switch. 4 Seasons RV in Denver has a terrible service dept. My first trip into the mountains the brakes went out after 30 miles on the road. The wires were routed improperly and shorted out my fuse for the controller. The also made the wires so short for the awning LED strip that the awning arms cut the wires in the first year. When they checked out the mid jack they couldn't lift the RV with their fork truck and accused me of overloading the trailer and there was barley anything in it because I din't want any personal items to disappear. The ordered a mid jack for it and never called me when it was in. The lower valance on the main slide with the fridge and sofa has broken all the supports for it and it flexes so much with a side wind that the screws are breaking the metal at the top of it. The wheel flares are plastic and breaking around the screw holes and most of the screws have come loose so I replaced all of them with racing rivets which have a larger head than normal rivets. No backup lights or backup camera so I added those. The back screen to the rear deck opens up the whole back of the trailer so bugs have easy access when you use it. A 3 piece screen would be nice.The rear black and gray water tank valves are under the slide up by the wheels and I added an access door so you don't have to crawl on your hands and knees to empty them. The water and cable access door blew off and you can't find a replacement.
- Max ODell Jr, Colorado

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