2016 Outdoors RV Creek Side 23BHS Travel Trailer
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Sergey Zuyev from Washington says:

I bought an Outdoors RV brand RV because I heard good reviews about their quality. Most of the interior is well made but exterior and structure are of

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I bought an Outdoors RV brand RV because I heard good reviews about their quality. Most of the interior is well made but exterior and structure are of a very poor quality. First thing I noticed was one of the aluminum trim pieces hanging down on the edge. When I checked some of the screws were not actually hitting anything other than the wrap on the bottom of the RV. Outdoors RV manufacturers don't even bother screwing into structure. Then after 4 years of ownership the front curved Fiberglas panel just pulled out from under the aluminum strip that is at the transition between the rubber roof and front curved panel. I checked all sealed edges before storing the RV for the winter and there was still a good seal on the joint. But over winter under the cover the panel separated and ripped the sealant since sealant was the only thing keeping the roof and front panel connected. Then some water got inside limited only by the cover I put on for the winter. Dealer wants many thousands of dollars to fix the issue and ORV don't cover their defects past first year. Outdoors RV is not worth the premium price they charge for their RVs as they leak more than much cheaper RVs. I liked the large water tanks and drain valves located inside heated space. However the water pipes for draining they system hang down outside the floor and can freeze. It is strange that after going through the trouble of making sure the drain valves are inside the heated space ORV would put water pipes exposed and uninsulated outside. Another unexpected problem is the insulated shower door. It sounded good to protect the shower with insulated door but it has been a recurring problem. The door has a water tight seal on the door but compartment is opened to the inside. If shower leaks even slowly the outdoor shower box gets filled up with water and water pours inside the RV without you knowing it. So if your family members left a slow drip in the outdoor shower you wake up to a flooded interior of the RV on ORV models while any other outdoor shower would just drain to the outside where no damage is done and you can see the drip. Another problem was with poorly supported water heater. The water heater broke off from the wall mountings due to weight of the water and leaned back inside the RV. All water from the water heater exterior was channeled inside the RV. Several of our extended family bought RVs so we could go camping together so I got to see what other people had problems with. My Outdoors RV had more problems than cheaper RV brands from the big RV manufacturers. With ORV I paid a premium for a product of lower quality.
- Sergey Zuyev, Washington

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