2016 Newmar Dutch Star 4369 Class A - Diesel
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Steve from Florida says:

We will never buy Newmar again since we don't love service lounges. We full timed for 4 years in a 2016 Dutch Star. The first year we spent 2 mont

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We will never buy Newmar again since we don't love service lounges. We full timed for 4 years in a 2016 Dutch Star. The first year we spent 2 months in service while living in it. By the end of the fourth year we spent almost 5 months in service because of over 120 repair items. Even though they offer tech support during limited hours during the week, good luck getting someone to call after hours, the service techs frequently gave bad advice and struggled to timely get us into service facilities under warranty. They became useless after warranty expired. Extended warranty by Cornerstone was a joke on us, always denied a claim, never should have bought it. Big stuff like: side radiator gear box went out twice, AC unit failed, needed a new one, 2 slides leaked (lack of sealant inside the slide from production) causing severe damage to cabinets, steering gearbox failed, full wall slide sagged requiring additional support and replacement of broken tiles, Oasis system 2 pumps failed, 3 full wall hydraulic pumps had to be replaced (slide cheeped out while driving, then new pump leaked after they replace wrong pump), furniture replaced because the fake leather cracked, 5 television sets mostly for unknown reasons, refrigerator failed, televator replaced, door step electric cover broke, door latch broke twice, Oasis fluid leaks, power steering fluid leaks, 2 leaks to the Freightliner air system (requiring them to cut out the diesel tank to get at the air reservoir), Winegard over the air and satellite antennas both replaced, 3 outside decorative trim pieces just fell off from lack of adequate silicone, silicone caulking around entire outside separated from the paint, diamond shield on front bubbled and separated (no we don't allow power washers to be used on the coach). But it was the small stuff from lack of quality at Newmar production and components that just accumulated that were the most annoying; like toilet electric switch failed, tiles cracked, inside trim separated from walls, wall paper came off, power reel replaced, cable to TV failed, bay door actuator failed, loose fuse box connection, dry climates the wood shrinks exposing unstained wood, wood stain wore off around door knobs, numerous drawer latches had to be replaced. As most RVers know, its the phone calls, troubleshooting, rerouting, scheduling, and fighting about what was warranty and how long it takes to fix something is the biggest headache. We did our part making sure we followed all the service requirements and self maintenance of the coach. For a Class A costing over $420,000 MSRP, this was our mistake for buying it, believing we were getting "Newmar quality" for the price. Selling it was one of the happiest days of our lives. If RV manufacturers profit/cost cutting measure is to increase production but to fix problems post production, then they should be offering 2-3 year full warranties for time to fix all the production and component failures. It was impossible to schedule enough service appointments in the first year to fix all the issues we encountered. Many Newmar service centers required at least 3-4 months to schedule and mobile repair can only do so much. The only positive regarding repairs was the Newmar service in Nappanee, Indiana. Have to schedule months in advance, but at least they have the parts and knowledge to repair quickly unlike most RV dealer service centers.
- Steve, Florida

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