2016 Lance Lance 2295 Travel Trailer
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Roger C from California says:

We bought a 2016 lance TT 2295 after looking at the quality of the constructions of the Lance trailers on line as well as looking at a bunch of other

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We bought a 2016 lance TT 2295 after looking at the quality of the constructions of the Lance trailers on line as well as looking at a bunch of other trailers(a bunch). Our dealer went through the whole trailer with us in 1 hour and 40 minutes...Great dealership. I recorded the walk through using my cell phone in case I forgot something later. This trailer cost us a little more but we have had another manufactured trailer in the past and it didn't hold up (many problems). We have had the Lance 2295 trailer since Nov 2016 and have taken it camping 3 times. I tow it with a 2000 GMC 1500 z71 sierra pick up. Tows no problem...definitely get a load distribution hitch. We love the floor plan and cooking breakfast with the outdoor kitchen is an awesome feature for bacon and eggs!( Grease cleans up easy using the outdoor sink and doesn't mess up the interior kitchen) We would not buy another one with out it. The exterior gas connections works great for our portable gas grill. We bought a 10 ft. gas extension hose...works great. We did manage to bake and cook inside (roast dinner) stove and oven and all worked as advertised. Microwave works great and can heat up your coffee really well (30 seconds worked for me). Since new we have had some problems but were fixed by the dealership under warrenty. We had a bad awning led strip light, (bad connector shorted the LED strip light)fixed...now works great. Leaking bathroom ceiling near sky light. Unit was resealed...no more leaks. The door to the bath room binds and was repaired. I was told by a rv salesmen friend that trailers sometimes sit on dealers lot for over a year and the usual maintenance (sealant, calking)gets over looked. After these items were fixed have no other problems. The awning opens with one press of the button and has a built in sensor that senses extreme wind and will automatically close during a windy day to prevent damage to your awning. I tested it and it worked really well. Heating system works well, fantastic fan is a great feature as it brought in more air with it. We added vent covers installed on the roof to allow the vents to remain open all the time. Hot water heats up rather quick in either electric or gas. two people were able to take a 8 to 10 minute shower. The interior fire place is awesome feature as you do not have to use your propane to heat your trailer using your gas heater when connected to RV campground park power. Since your paying for electricity on a campground why use your gas. The slide works well (slide opens in a precise manner) and having it opens up the living room area quite well, its very comfortable with 2 people and 2 dogs. we managed to sit 4 adults around the kitchen table no problem and it felt solid and did not wobble when you moved around. Bed is not the greatest(hard mattress) we bought a 3 inch foam pad and problem solved and sleep is restored. There is allot of storage space in this trailer. There is more then enough storage for us. Plenty of power outlets and USB connections to charge your electronic equipment. The 32in HD LED TV power antenna is awesome and picks up local channels in HD better then the park cable at the campground we just went to. We also bought a Google Chrome cast to stream Netflix via the campground wifi...works great. It basically turned our TV into a smart TV. We also used our cell phone hot spot wifi connection for times when we didn't have the free wifi provided by the campground. The interior cabinets hold all we need and the pantry with the slide (lockable) tray is fantastic as food storage. Most drawers have a locking feature to prevent them from opening and allowing your items to be fall out while driving. The windows let in a lot of light and as a result our camper didn't feel like a dark cave. We have used this camper in the rain ( A lot of rain) and we love being able to open the frameless windows with out the rain coming in. Cleaning the trailer is also easy with no carpet and the flooring material has so far been good. The build quality is exceptional...compared to others we have seen (no trim strips to cover up errors in craftsmanship). One feature I would have loved would have been the to have the trailer pre wired for solar charger. But this shouldn't be too much of a problem to do. So far we are really pleased with the trailer even after the birthing pains with lights and leak and hope to put many miles on 5this trailer for years to come.
- Roger C, California

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