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Tammy from Kansas says:

When I walked into my Sprinter FWDEN I loved it! We bought it in March 2016. We didn't need the A/C until June but we had 30 AMP hookup and could no

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When I walked into my Sprinter FWDEN I loved it! We bought it in March 2016. We didn't need the A/C until June but we had 30 AMP hookup and could not run the bedroom A/C at the same time as the Living Room A/C. It did not cool very well at all. We decided we would take it to have it looked at. The dealership we took it to had to fix the tape in the duct work and some other things and thought that it was fixed. We took it out that weekend to try it out. It was not any better, we took it back-they thought it needed a new unit. They called Coleman, they said they would send a new ceiling assembly to fix it. It definitely helped the air circulation as it just goes through the duct work now instead of the assembly vents. Our dealership told us there are several problems with the setup of this unit. (They do not sell this particular unit at their dealership) They told us for starters that there are only two vents in the living room and one in the kitchen but it's closer to the living room area. This camper has high ceilings and the skylight in the kitchen area puts out a lot of heat (It could burn you when the sun is on the island) We purchased some foam insulated pillows to put in the skylight to keep the heat out. They told us that if we were camping when it's really hot we will need at least 50 AMP to run both A/C units and then several fans will need to be running to keep the air moving because of the lack of vents. The slideout ceilings in the living room were tested with a gauge and it was running 100 degrees with the living room a/c running. There are not many electrical outlets in this camper to run all of these fans! The location of the thermostat is too high on the wall in the hallway to the bedroom. Not all the storage areas outside have lights and the only light on the outside is the awning light and light under the step. When I first got my camper home the trim in the kitchen above the stove was already falling down. I had to nail it up as it would not stay up with glue. Now after getting it home the trim in front of the closet in the bedroom is loose and I will probably have to fix it also. I am going to talk to Keystone about possibly putting in another vent in the Kitchen to help cool it and see if they will pay for it as it is a design flaw in this unit. The positives about this camper are the auto leveling, the remote for the slideouts and awning, sleeping capacity, & residential fridge. Hope this helps in your decision making when buying an RV!
- Tammy, Kansas

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