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Good floorplan. Window unit type A/C is perfect even in hot weather. My 2400ISHC Yamaha runs the trailer easily. All electrical has been fine. It is pretty well insulated. Used a small space heater on the stove at 12 degrees on low and it stayed warm. Now for the issues... This is a window unit that is meant to drain off the rear bottom. Apparently, a piece of wood was used to lift the unit above the pan for clearance to drain. Wood rots and it backed up inside the pan (which I found was cracked in the corner) and drained onto the walls and into the floors. After drilling a drain hole on the back corner of the actual unit, it started to drain quickly and hopefully, we have no mold in the walls and floors. I then removed the A/C and dried everything out. The pan was incredibly rusty that it sits in. I coated with that bedliner material for trucks. The supports under the bottom bunk came loose. Only small Brads for trim was holding them. I replaced with screws. The refrigerator needs defrosting every two weeks. The awning cannot be pulled out in temps under 45 degrees. Too stiff. Re-caulk around your trailer light covers if you want them there when you arrive at your destination. The trailer jack went out the first time we set up camp. Would I buy again? Probably. It was cheap and you get what you pay for. I have corrected all the issues so far other than the fridge icing up. I gave a 3 star for warranty support, but I never used them. Remember, certain states do not have lemon laws for these types of rvs. You need to be handy if you go cheap. It was never major issues in my opinion.
- Skinny76, Alabama

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