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Greg parham from Tennessee says:

Bought this Montana high country. Upgraded from a small Adirondack fifth wheel. Probably should have kept the old paid off one and dealt with it. W

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Bought this Montana high country. Upgraded from a small Adirondack fifth wheel. Probably should have kept the old paid off one and dealt with it. We do full time. I travel with work. So it's our home on wheels !!! Since week one I have had problems. First the fridge it didn't keep cold stayed average 55 degrees and would bump on 33 occasionally but rare. Being wife is diabetic. Her insulin got tossed twice before I invested in a cooler bag to keep it safe. Needless to say complaint after complaint and being told it's not made for living in I yanked the junker out and installed a residential fridge. When I pulled it out the floor was molding and rotting investigating further as to why. The drain line was still zip tied to the back pouring water all over the space .... Duh. Well despite my chuckle at the lack of quality control it was thrown in my shed that's $4000. Out the window. Fridge works great now 450 Sears outlet. Then round 2. Shower pouring water on floor despite the doors closed. Investigating. Duh !! Door trac in backwards. Hint we drain the water back into the shower. That why one side is solid with no drains in it ... I fixed another blunder from quality control .... 3 gas leak. Haha. Every so often strong gas smell I searched everywhere checked everything. Wha...laa.... One night wifey poo cooking dinner shuts everything off and hours later she wipes down everything and blisters the crap out of her hand on the stove top. She calls me asking why the top is so hot and discolored. I investigate. Remove the top off and a nice blue fame still burning at the port connection. Again. These aren't built to live in full time. Hence the word recreational vehicle. I'm told. So insisting that I take it to my dealer. Hundreds of miles away. As always. I elect to have a service callous. Three times they replace the part. Still leaks so machinery on hand I export the stupid thing closed and kill the leak. Still on the horse for parts that are safe. So this weekend I pack up from the job and roll from Chattanooga Tn to Charlotte NC. Get all cozy and setup. Hah. Top of the trim over the bed laying on the bed. Just decided it was tired I guess and went to bed. I stuck that back up with the trusty nail gun I own just for the pieces falling off .... Hop on in the shower. Ahhhhh refreshing and then shave. Get all done shaving. Feeling good. Get dressed and walk out to the kitchen. To a swimming pool running from under the sink.... I think hum. What's this open it up and it's flooded. No pipes came undone. So last place I used water. Shower? Shave ? Go in the bath room and low and behold the bottom of the sink. Broken off the bowl. No here's what stumps me. The drains are slip joint. Lol they definitely didn't slip. It snapped the bottom of the sink slap off the bowl. Now I'm drying cabinets and walls to keep from snatching cabinetry out and replacing it ... Needless to say. Here's my thoughts. I love this stupid thing. Paid a ton for it. It's home. But it's a pile of s--t. Warranty. HAH get in line if you think for one second your gonna get anywhere on that. Keystone is a joke , I can't take my camper to a service center I live in it. Their comments are its not designed to live in. .... Well guess what. A lot of people do. I paid for the Montana package. Heavy duty insulation. Haha. My AC can't put a dent in keeping it cool. Improvise. Insulate the windows and black them out. The wiring can't handle the packages so trip breakers. Get used to it. The tv cabling. Lol. After I couldn't get anything I tore into that monster to find wires not connected. And grounding out so I just ran new ones direct. The recliner is 6 months old it's fit for the dumpster that's one on my list to toss. The tv sound system lol I need a hearing aid to hear it. I'm not hard of hearing though. ... I give the home a 4 star for design and comfort floor plan. I give the camper as a whole 3 stars. I like it even despite the gremlins. If your not handy or mechanically inclined. Your unit will be sitting at your dealer or other selected service centers. That's a promise .... That's 7 months ownership. Many many calls to keystone and others. I bought it off the lot nov 2015. It's a 2016 brand spanking new. I gave up on keystone standing behind their product and lost pretty much any hopes of them fixing anything so I probably voided all my warranties by fixing this piece of junk myself. But I build for a living as a general contractor so I know when my hands get in it its done right !!!! Have a wonderful day. And hope this helps anyone deciding to buy a camper. It's a recreational vehicle specifically designed for maybe 4 weekends a month use anymore your abusing the product. As they put it.
- Greg parham, Tennessee

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