2015 Open Range Roamer 316RLS Travel Trailer
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Lindsey from Wyoming says:

We purchased our Open Range Roamer 316RLS in Oct 2015, and in the short 7 months since, we have run into several problems that we believe are due to p

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We purchased our Open Range Roamer 316RLS in Oct 2015, and in the short 7 months since, we have run into several problems that we believe are due to poor production of our camper. Almost immediately after our purchase, a lot of the wood framing around the slides started coming loose and popping off. We have found that almost every single (visible) screw is stripped. We noticed this first when our water heater started leaking- which is a separate issue- and we had to take the panel off the table in between the chairs to access it, the screw heads were completely stripped and we had a difficult time removing them. I wanted to remove the furnace covers to vacuum down in the vents and the screws were not only stripped, but I was unable to get them screwed back in because when they had originally been screwed in, they were just jammed in the floor and we cannot get the screws back in the holes no matter how we finagle the screws. We also have a screw with stripped threads in the ceiling vent in the hallway, which prevents the window from closing tight. When there is any wind at all, it is able to lift up and rip open that window. We also have sealant around the windows on the roof that is already cracking and has to be replaced. Granted, these are issues that we are able to fix ourselves, but being that we just spent over $40,000 on a brand new camper, we should not be having these issues right off the bat. A few months into owning our Open Range, we noticed a mildew smell around the chairs at the back of the coach. After further inspection we realized the carpet was wet as well as the base of the table in between the chairs. We had to call a repair service as we were traveling and were hours from the nearest authorized dealer, and he found that the water heater was spraying from the hoses where the nuts were simply not tightened enough in the factory. About two months ago, the front "rock guard" right above the hitch ripped loose. When we contacted warranty, we were told we had to go to the closest authorized dealer almost (two hours away) have them take pictures, and then return again on a later date to have it fixed. When we hooked up to get it to the dealer, we got less than a mile down the road and the entire rock guard completely ripped off. My husband had to remove the screws from the strip and rig it back together so we could make it to the dealership. Once at the authorized service center, we were told it would be weeks before it could be fixed, they put some tape over the front of the camper, and sent us on our way. Several weeks later, we started smelling a sewer smell. We could not figure out where it was coming from, and when we hooked our camper up to our truck to take it back to the service center to have the rock guard repaired, water started gushing from the underbelly for almost 5 minutes. The smell we had been smelling was stagnant water that had soaked the insulation and anything else located in the underbelly. The repair center told us they can't be sure how so much water got in the underbelly, it could have been from rain or there is a chance there is a cracked tank, but we would have to schedule yet ANOTHER two appointments (one for them to look at it, one for them to do the actual repair) We also had to have the emergency brake fuse box replaced because the box was melted and the wires were corroded. The wiring harnesses underneath the door-side tires also fell apart allowing wiring to be exposed, and had to be replaced. We've also had a random blowout of one of the tires on this RV, not that that is necessarily an Open Range issue, but it just adds to the list of issues we have experienced. The major issues we have encountered HAVE been covered by warranty, but we have to drive several hours multiple times to any nearest authorized service center. We were told we could use a non-authorized center, but we would probably have to pay up front and we wouldn't get guaranteed service. We are looking at trading out of it ASAP because we are so dissatisfied with our purchase!
- Lindsey, Wyoming

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