2015 Keystone Mountaineer 356TBF 5th Wheel
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Please listen to all of the reviews you see. I bought a 2015 mountaineer 356tbf 5th wheel camper on 7-31-2015 from a local dealer after looking at the floor plan many times. Within the first year we had 20 plus items that needed repaired.... -3 of the 4 holding tank valves had to be replaced after leaking all over. -The shower floor cracked and wasn't covered because we stepped too close to the drain. After many arguments, pictures, and measurements it was covered -The sofa couch would not open because it hit the island. It was replaced with a different color and smaller couch. -One of the slides hit the kitchen island every time it was run in. That damaged the trim on the island which isn't covered by warranty. -The same slide had a screw and metal clip fall off and get stuck under he slide tearing the vinyl floor which is not covered. -Had a water line fall off the bathroom sink and leak all over our storage compartment while camping. Luckily I had tools to make that repair so we could camp with water -3 exterior compartment doors had bulges in them where the gas shock was pushing through the doors. These were covered but doing it again. -The folding entry stairs were not installed level and couldn't be fixed by the dealer as they might have to weld or drill new holes. I fixed it myself. -18" wood trim in hallway fell off. Dealer used 14 nails and it fell again as there is noting behind it. I glued it on. -2 of the 4 front cables are loose on the master bedroom slide. Dealer says that is normal as the motors are not always attached well. -Outdoor sink doesn't go into any tank, it drains on the ground at one of the dump spots. This I was told is normal but I have the only one so far. This gets a lot of people upset when they see liquid running out of the camper on to the ground. Year 2 of this High Quality Camper -Auto leveling would not work all the time. I found a loose ground at pump -Had 3 tires blow out within 100 miles of each other. These tires were on their second season, had less than 5k miles, and on a camper that is indoors half the year and always up on the jacks. The blow outs destroyed both sides of the camper and caused $2,800 in damages that Keystone says "We are so sorry to hear about that but you need to call the tire manufacture and see if they will replace the tires" Last time I checked I bought a complete camper from a dealer. Why should I have to do anything besides return it to the dealer? The tire manufacture asks for items I didn't have like the 3 junk tires (pictures are not good enough) and the PO# they were bought under. Um I bought a camper, Keystone bought the tires. I have since learned this is a common problem and becomes the owners problem. The total cost of 5 new tires and the repairs to both sides was $3,680.00 plus the headaches. At 35 months old -The rubber roof blew off the camper going down the road. Keystone says "We only have a 1 year warranty. Its your problem now" The dealer sent an email to Keystone stating our roof is in as good as new condition and that the glue failed and this was a manufacturing problem that should be covered. Again Keystone said NOPE. Keystone offers a 10 year warranty on the rubber roof but the glue won't get you that far and the glue is not a serviceable item as you would have to tear the roof off to get to the glue. Looks like another $8-10K problem I am stuck with. Keystone, Please close your doors, sell to someone whom will improve the quality, or reduce the prices of your disposable units so people can have a fair understanding of what they are buying. Product or Service Mentioned: 2015 Keystone Rv Mountaineer 356Tbf Rv. Reason of review: Bad quality. Monetary Loss: $15000. Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution. I liked: Floorplan, Layout of camper. I didn't like: Not covering repairs under a so called warranty, Keystoe tried many times to avoid any warranty cost, Craftsmanship and parts.
- Steve Elliott, Indiana

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