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Ken and Sally from Utah says:

The manufacturing is horrible. We bought a brand new Legacy which is suppose to be top of the line. There are to many poor designs and manufacturing

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The manufacturing is horrible. We bought a brand new Legacy which is suppose to be top of the line. There are to many poor designs and manufacturing short cuts and errors. The wiring for the outdoor light was wrong and had to be wired correctly. The ceiling trim continues to fall and be fixed under warranty due to poor design. It includes double quad steps to get inside/out located toward the front and another the rear, but the last step going into the trailer has to large of a distance causing it to be unsafe, and if your 5-1/2' or shorter you will most likely have issues getting into the trailer from the 4th step. Because it's to big of a step into. The kitchen pantry has a HORRIBLE design. The shelves have fallen after a 2 hour drive. We have been thru 3 sets of shelves and are now taking our food inside our truck or extra vehicle needed to take food and passengers and Montanas customer service just advises us to call where we bought it from. But don't get me started on the horrible repair department at the dealership. So now we are hounding Keystone Montanas customer service for a fix, and they don't show any signs that they care about their horrible designs since you have already bought their $96,000 trailer. The bathroom: you must walk all the way into the bathroom to the far wall to locate the on/off switch. Any other trailers or houses for that matter you find the on/off switch just inside the room so you can reach and turn on for safety measures. Why bother turning the light on since you have already made it all the way inside the bathroom hopefully without tripping over anything. And where are you suppose to place your bath towels while in the shower or out? The toilet or the counter? Also, the couch seat cushions are too soft to sit on comfortably. There needs to be some kind of substance to a cushion beside the outside cushion material. You shouldn't bottom out weighting only 120 pounds. So plan on taking them to an ulpostry store to fix correctly. The backup camera was also wired wrong. It was wired for constant power instead of the backup lights where it should. Therefore, you will burn up the backup camera if not wired correctly as soon as you purchase your trailer. And no, Keystona Montana states that ours isn't a lemon. It's just normal warranty repairs/reworks. Also, there is only 1 deep cycle battery for a 40' legacy 5th wheel, which doesn't seem right and causes you to be extremely careful since it's fully load with Double size frig and double size freezer, 4 side outs, auto leveling jacks, water pump, etc.. The back ladder blocks part of the rear window which is another poor design. Slide out makes greasy marks on carpet causing you to carpet clean allot unless you don't mind tracking around on the flooring. Some of the decorative curtains were secured poorly at the bottom causing the screws to strip out while driving even though the curtains aren't usually used. Bigger screws had to be inserted with a different type of screw. You would expect more from a Top of the Line Legacy 5th Wheel. We regret not buying bigger Forest River trailer then we had prior, but we thought wrong when thinking we were upgrading to a Keystone Montana 40' Legacy 5th Wheel. Unfortunately we learned the hard way,
- Ken and Sally, Utah

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