2015 Highland Ridge RV Roamer Travel Trailer
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We looked at many RVs and many floor plans. Read so many reviews and decided on the Open Range Roamer. Apparently I didn't read the right reviews. The one we bought has had so many issues. Now, I'm not saying every one is a piece of junk, but mine is. Within the first 18 months (under the two year warranty) both A/C's went out, a gear box in the big slide went out (come back to that later), the rock guard separated in the front leaving a 6" gape in the siding, trim was coming lose in numerous places, the built in black tank wash didn't work, and there was a soft spot developing in the kitchen floor. Took it in and it was in the shop for approx 6 months. When we got it back, within 3 months, another gearbox in the kitchen slide went out. Come to find out, they had a bad batch of gear boxes. I complained and asked why the hell wouldn't they change the other 3 when they did the one if they knew they were bad. They "good faithed" them and sent the remaining gear boxes, free of charge, to the shop we had it at but didn't pay the labor ($700). Fast forests forward to now... it's 5 years old, the front A/C has been out for a year or so now, trim is loose inside again, and we have a big soft spot in the floor between the living area and bedroom. We took it in 6 months ago to have it looked at and the drain on the shower was dripping under the floor and saturating the insulation. It ran across the trailer and ruined the floor. This thing has been a headache. I guess the day this one was manufactured, someone was hung over, who knows. I would not buy another Open Range and would not recommend to anyone!
- Michael, Texas

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