2015 Heartland Road Warrior Toy Hauler
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We bought the rv from [dealer] in Alvarado Texas. There customer service is bad they kept the rv for 6 weeks and did nothing to it until we arrived and started raising hell. The satellite cable TV system never worked, AC - DC converter went out on us The transfer switch that converts to the external plug system or generator went out on a camping trip we could not convert back over to the power pole. The slide out system in the master bedroom has plastic gears in the gearbox and that broke The AC vents that are in the floor are plastic and when you step on them they break They put the thermostat for the heater in the master bedroom at the front of the trailer so you have to put it on 95° to warm the living room up because it shuts off before the living room warms up The leveling system did not work and they never fixed it I had to pay [dealer] $500 they said the wiring on the system was wired backwards the left side was wired to the right and the right side was wired to the left The plumbing up under the front storage popped loose on a camping trip and I had a water restrictor on it but it still came loose and flooded underneath the storage area The water line behind the refrigerator had a hole in it and it flooded our kitchen also the waterlines that run on the outside of the trailer that go over the fender wells have a strap that holds them in place and that strap broke loose and it fell down on my wheel and rubbed a hole the water lines The indicator lights on the control panel that shows the level in your black tank and your water tank never have worked right The valve that opens and closes the black tank at the back of the RV does not work correctly so it leaks Blackwater The storage box underneath the master bed did you flip up to open is made with OSB chipboard and when I flipped it up to use it the screws broke loose out of the Pistons that hold the board up so I had to replace the board with a piece of that plywood There is no ladder for the bunkbeds at the back of the RV in the garage area The AC unit in the back bedroom drips condensation water on the bed I’ve had to pay to have that repaired because they said it was an insulated correctly There are four drainage slots on the bottom of the windows we had a rain storm come through and the wind blew the rain water through those slots all over the floor and the bed The air-conditioning units have filters on them and they are very thin fome rubber and are pieces of crap when the units run it sucks the filters up into the returns also the units do not cool the trailer enough you have to run two of them all the time to cool the room down also you cannot run all three units at one time they have it wired to where you can’t do that. The 220 plug on the outside of the RV where you plug in the external power shorted out and melted the wires because the screws weren’t tighten down on the plug and it caused the wire to arc I’ve had to replace that The 220 plug on the outside of the RV where you plug in the external power shorted out and melted the wires because the screws weren’t tighten down on the plug and it caused the wire to arc I’ve had to replace that The water transfer switch in the control panel hung up because the washers worked lose I’ve replaced that They put the sub woofer for the surroundsound system underneath by the front storage where the plumbing and wiring is and then they cut a vet beside the panel in the kitchen by the oven and put a vent cover over it so the sound will come through there and it allows a lot of heat to come up through that into the kitchen area in the summer time My gas gauge in the control panel for the external gas tank and tank for my generator went out I had to replace it We have only owned this RV for two years and have already dealt with this many problems this is the worst product on the market they have no quality control in their plant.
- Michael Hayes, Texas

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