2014 Tiffin Allegro Breeze 32BR Class A - Diesel
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Bryan from Idaho says:

SUMMARY: We struggled to enjoy this RV. Bought it new, kept it for 2 years and under 10k miles, then sold for around $30k less.than our purchase p

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SUMMARY: We struggled to enjoy this RV. Bought it new, kept it for 2 years and under 10k miles, then sold for around $30k less.than our purchase price which we think was getting off lucky given our feelings about it. PROS: - Aesthetics play a big part for this unit. It certainly looks sharp. - The layout works well enough for longer term use. We traveled up to 4 months at a time and found it just large enough. - Underside storage bays are huge pass-throughs which allowed us to put expensive bicycles down there to keep them safe and clean. - air ride suspension allows the RV to be dropped down when parked. CONS: (too many) - #1 gripe is the extremely POOR insulation which greatly effected livability in both warmer and cooler temps. The Breeze was like an oven anytime temps got over 75F. During our long stay in AZ during the winter, we frequently had to use reflexive foil sheets on all the sun exposed windows even though the outdoor temps were only just comfortable. Conversely it did not hold heat and needed ceramic auxiliary heaters any time the temps were under 55F. Even with dual heaters going throughout the night, we still froze. Oh, also installed the insulated foil stuff over all the windows to try keeping out the cold draft... didn't help much. FYI, heat pump installed with the AC unit is useless below 45F, leaving you to burn through your propane running the gas heater. Overall, the livable temperature range of this unit is severely limited to only around 20F (55-75F). - driver's side slideout is very poor fitting. It had a large gap along the bottom, enough to put my hand through to the inside of the unit after flipping down the single excuse of a weather strip. On colder nights in AZ had to pull in the slideout to try limiting excessive heat loss. - rear motor emits tons of heat into the back bedroom and takes many hours to dissipate after a long drive. Motor is extremely noisy for a long day of driving giving us headaches. - the fiberglass header cap at the front above the windscreen is completely uninsulated. I found this out by accident while removing the water tank display panel. Nothing up there except the outside fiberglass shell. - rear cap also had no insullation. found this out while sorting out the mess of AV wiring and components stuffed into the upper cabinets. - cheap windows that have large gaps between the sliders and fixed panes, plus weep holes, etc. Definitely not all season windows. - highway driving is quite wallowy, especially when any pickup truck or larger passed by. - engine ECU lost programming while RV was stored plugged in to land power. RV had to be towed to a service center. - had a turbo pressure sensor hose blow, resulting in limping through the remainder of our trip and many panic calls to Tiffin support. Once home, another trip to the service center. - passenger slideout fiberglass shell underside cracked from sitting directly on the roller mechanisms. They installed aftermarket plates to try fixing this. - very soft paint finish that scratches and scuffs extremely easily. On the plus side, a professional body touch up (buffing) > $1000 can restore much of the original look.
- Bryan, Idaho

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