2014 Prime Time Crusader 260RLD 5th Wheel
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Joe from Delaware says:

This is the biggest piece of garbage I ever invested in. I realize things work lose and wear and tear but these problems aren't that. Season 2013 G

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This is the biggest piece of garbage I ever invested in. I realize things work lose and wear and tear but these problems aren't that. Season 2013 Gouge marks on the underside floor of the dining room slide out. (Warranty dealership fixed) Lump under rubber roof of dining room slide out. (Warranty dealership fixed, roof wasn't thoroughly swept off at manufacturing plant before roof installed) Side storage compartment door latch didn't work. (Warranty dealership fixed) Refrigerator door walnut panel fell off. ( I fixed myself) Season 2014 Dining room table warped. (Warranty dealership ordered another) Season 2015 Warranty expired end of May Table is warped again. I didn't contact dealership because I had it fixed myself in 2016. Bad oxidation of nose cap. Repainted. (dealership helped me get that taken care of, Thankfully no charge) Cabinet doors sticking and rubbing. (Fixed myself) Molding throughout bulging/popping off. (Fixed myself) Season 2016 Closet slide out floor is damaged due to water infiltration. Dining room slide out, outside walls showing water infiltration. Shower stem leaking due to cracked plastic fixture. (fixed myself) Bed hinge screws pulled out of particle board by gas struts because of poor engineering and craftsmanship. Wood screws won't hold over 100lbs of strut force in 3/8 particle board. (Fixed myself using better hinges and made sure screws had something to bite in.) Outside skin rear is separating from vehicle causing bubbles. AC not blowing cold air as of middle of September. -------------------------------------------- I contacted Prime Time with the above list and my frustration. The following is their response: We would like to thank you for your recent E-mail and for being a part of our Prime Time family. Thanks to the valuable input from customers such as yourself we can continue to increase the quality of our line of products and customer satisfaction. Your concern provides us the opportunity to apply due diligence to approaching future issues. Prime Time takes great pride and responsibility in our product, from the production line to the customers who select them, you are a valuable asset to our company. We are sorry that you have had issues with your unit and see that we have in fact honored and stood firmly behind the repairs on the unit within the warranty period. I do show that the warranty period expired on 5/29/2014 therefore Prime Time mfg. will not participate in present nor future warranty repair on the unit. As a valued customer we will continue to provide dealer location,technical support, parts advise, and customer service in the future. Thank You for your letter, concern, patience, and loyalty. This is why PT only offers a ONE year warranty without the option to extend it 3 to 5 years. They know they are producing junk and would go bankrupt fixing anything within a 3 to 5 year time period. Do not buy anything from Prime Time Forest River!
- Joe, Delaware

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