2013 Winnebago Journey 36M Class A - Diesel
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Ed Soniat from Georgia says:

Bought this used about 6 months ago. Been out about 6 times, probably spent 5 weeks in it so far in total and driving about 2000 miles some back road

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Bought this used about 6 months ago. Been out about 6 times, probably spent 5 weeks in it so far in total and driving about 2000 miles some back roads. Getting 9.5 MPG. Very comfortable to drive, just finished Naples to ATL 630 miles in one day. Much better than doing it in a car. I think the coach is a good value. It is built well and I think the Chassis is a good quality chassis. The house is solidly built. They tried hard to put in quality appliances and features. The kitchen is very workable and the residential fridge is an amazing convenience. There is no pantry but there is plenty of storage within easy reach to serve as a pantry. The hood vent actually exhausted the air not just blow it back out the top. The washer and dryer work well and we find them very convenient. The washer is very quite and uses very little water, but it is not on the inverter. The full wall slide really opens up the coach bay making the hall at the bath nice and roomy. The Maxum chassis provides a basement that gives this coach the storage of a regular 40 but with better access. Storage inside is equally impressive It also has a true 10000 lb towing capacity. Some coaches require you to reduce your payload to tow a full 10K, this one does not. It comes with a whopping 660 amp hours consisting of 6 AGM batteries, no cutting corners there. No maintenance easy to own, expensive to replace but LiFEPo4 will probably be available by the time these wear out. It has a neat power management system that used the massive 2800 watt inverter to make being on 30 amp or even on 15 amp much more workable. It also comes with an automatic A/C source switch to switch from grid or generator power that includes good surge protection. We prefer the sliding windows that open very wide to the new "frameless" that only flip out on the 2014 and later coaches. The lighting is pretty amazing on the inside. Lights everywhere. The two exhaust fans can really move the air. My wife loves the MCD shades. The roof is very cleaning organized and I was able to install 12 big solar panels for a whopping 1200 watts of solar to charge all those batteries. Now for the nits and they really don't detract from much from our pleasure in owning it. It does not come with good battery monitoring, and you will want to upgrade your inverter remote, they put in the cheapest one. We have the digital comfort rest mattress which is a full queen, but we don't find it all that good. Probably will get a 3" memory foam topper. The kitchen sink is set a little deep to be used from straight on but ok from the corner. The dryer is pretty noisy but it works quite well. I would like another cup holder for the driver. The IPOD interface on the dash is junk, they should have just provided a cable. It also doesn't have a 1/4 headphone jack for input, it does have USB. We are not big TV watchers and that is good because none of the TV's are easy to view except the lounge from the dinette and only for two people. You really can not use the bedroom without the closet slide out. I think the passenger side basement doors are way to big, they. Should have made the water tank door separate. They really catch the wind and swing way out. The A/Cs are zoned but they both use the same duct work so you can't really cool just the back or the front with out closing the vents (easy) and blocking the returns (hard). This may be common in many coaches. The outlet we use the most ( for our laptops) at the dinette is not on the inverter, this should be easy to fix. The bed room door, which we never use anyway, is hard to use.
- Ed Soniat, Georgia

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