2010 Winnebago Via 25R Class A - Diesel
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Ava Rich from Florida says:

I had trouble with the slide out room since I first got it in 2010. I tried to file a lemon law, but my lawyer said I could not. I had the back moto

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I had trouble with the slide out room since I first got it in 2010. I tried to file a lemon law, but my lawyer said I could not. I had the back motor replaced five years ago; and this past year, the front motor needed to be replaced. Winnebago does not make this motor anymore. My mechanic fixed the motor, but the gear pack and timing, etc would not allow me to extend the slide (unless I go to the default and have help pushing it out). So, at this time, I am camping with the slide room permanently in, which means that I cannot bring down the loft above the driver's seat. I can open my refrigerator to a 45 degree angle. Fortunately I replaced my fridge with one with a separate freezer; otherwise, I would not be able to use the freezer. I am planning to trade it in at the end of this year; and will have to take a major loss on account of the slide room issue. I am desperately trying to find the parts at RV graveyards. My Mercedes engine and Dodge Sprinter chassis run "like butter". I have kept everything sparkling clean. I have stored the original carpet for the purpose of re-selling it; however, since the slide room won't extend, the carpet is useless. I have loved this floorpan (VIA 25R) because the bed was over the wheel base, and there was only one TV. So perfect when I took my grandchildren camping. But apparently, the VIA was discontinued on account of the problems with the slide out mechanism. Why did they not recall the motorhome when they knew it had a problem? I have a record of all of the times I have had the slide out room "fixed". Another problem is the location of the battery. The first time I took it on a trip, it wound up in the shop in the Dodge dealer in Orlando for two weeks. They thought it was a computer problem, but they discovered that some metal was touching the battery. I had to rent a car and drive 500 miles back home. In the meantime, someone broke in to it, stole my bicycle and tried to take the TV. It was a nightmare. This was the same trip that the slide out room would not go in. My mechanic said he could fix it with any gear pack from a class C Winnebago. Still looking and still hoping, and still planning to trade it in by the end of this year.
- Ava Rich, Florida

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