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We bought our Phoenix Cruiser 2350 new in June 2007. We special ordered it specifically without a slide out. The design, workmanship, and materials used are of a noticeably higher standard. 11.5 years owned so far and we still love it. Being a bit scaled-down with a lower-over-all height and width along with it's aerodynamic shape, it is fairly easy to drive and maneuver well in national parks and such. If we ever totaled our PC, I think we would buy another one like it. Our PC-2350 serves the two of us extremely well. We plan to own it until we are too old and dangerous to drive which we hope is at least another 25 years away. Phoenix Cruisers are not just well engineered and well made, but the relationship the company has with whoever owns their products is strangely beautiful. Customer support is quite amazing no matter if you are under warranty, or you are the 3rd owner of a 15 year old PC. If you like what you see in a Phoenix Cruiser, I recommend you put them on your short list. Whether new or used, spending more for a Phoenix Cruiser over an entry level motor home, will yield a wise decision.
- Ronald Dittmer, Illinois

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