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2020-07-07 2020 Palomino Real-Lite SS-1600 View Listings

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My wife and I like the overall design, but it is very short on storage, and the quality control was pretty bad. There are only 2 tiny "cabinets" inside that are little more than cubby holes. Palomino/Real lite should install a ceiling mounted rail system that can accept a variety of baskets and other storage containers (plus, this gets more accessory sales for them and the dealer). Quality control issues: - There's a huge gap where the exterior molding wraps down across the back roof on one side - I'll be sealing it to match the other side shortly. - We got the Badlands package and the battery was wired reverse (5 minutes with a volt meter and I found this)into the solar charge controller, and... - ...the 2nd battery isn't internally wired into the electrical system (I'll be tracking that one down shortly). - The Thule roof rack wasn't assembled correctly, with one of the pilings not connected properly. - Numerous screws and nuts are in at steep angles, or not all the way in, leaving part of the screw holes exposed to the elements. - One of the roof raising jacks was incorrectly adjusted so that at full height, the right front of the roof was 3-4 inches lower than the other side and the canvas wasn't taught. I adjusted the cut off switch to its maximum height and now it works. Sort of... First, the jack runs slower than all the other jacks, so falls behind and has to run much longer than the others to fully elevate the roof. Second, the jack stops short of fully extended and I have to lightly push outward on the piston to get it to go up to the full height (I can hear the switch click on when I push on the piston). - The interior wiring that runs along the edge of the ceiling isn't consistently anchored, so big loops hang down and show behind the short cosmetic curtain rimming the ceiling, which... -... looks like it was installed by someone who had too much to drink - it varies from 3 inches, to ~6 inches out from the side wall. These are just the things we've found over 5 nights of camping and are not confidence inspiring. This could be a great little camper if Palomino/Real Lite would just put maybe a hour more labor and QC into it. As it sits, the unit feels like it was slapped together and sent out the door as quickly as possible with little pride in workmanship. I'd strongly advise buyers to carefully inspect their individual unit top to bottom before purchasing. On the plus side, it's pretty comfortable for 2 and a medium size dog, and the mattress is amazingly good. It also fits our diesel Chevy Colorado long bed (6') very well, and with a set of 1500lb Sumo springs, the truck is level and drives great. (We get ~25mpg on the Interstate drafting big rigs at 68mph.) Knowing what we know, I'm not sure we'd buy a Palomino-built product again, and certainly not this individual unit. Still, we'll give this unit a go for while.
- J.W., Montana

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